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406MHz to 512MHz Duplexers











 | Overview


Base/Mobile Duplexer with very low insertion loss(0.6dB typ.) and high isolation(85dB typ.)

World class engineering incorporated in the design for people with concerns about size and space.


  • Base station performance in a mobile size package.
  • High isolation with very low insertion loss are standard features.
  • Specifically designed for people with concerns about size and space.
  • Multiple units fit in same space required for regular units from other suppliers.


                                                                  Typical Applications



                                                                - Base Station Repeaters

                                                                - Mobile Repeaters

                                                                - GMRS Repeaters

                                                                - Amateur Radio Repeaters


------Two models available covering 406MHz to 512MHz.------


Model Number Frequency Range (MHz)
D450-4 406 to 470
D490-4 470 to 512




| Specifications


Insertion Loss (dB nominal) 0.6
Rejection (dB typical) 85
Return Loss (dB minimum) 18
TX-RX Separation (MHz) 5
TX-RX Separation (MHz minimum) 3 (with degradation of specs)
Power Handling (Watts) 100



Connectors (type) N-Female 
 Length [in(cm)] 12.25 (31.20) 
 Width [in(cm)]  8.50 (21.60)
 Height [in(cm)] 2.50 (6.40) 
Weight [lbs(kg) 7.70 (3.50) 
 Operating Temperature [°C(°F)]  -30 to +60 (-22 to +140)


| Downloads


To obtain a hard copy of the specification sheet please click on the following link.

70cm/UHF Duplexer


To view some sample plots for a unit tuned with a 5MHz split between Transmit and Receive frequencies, please clink on the following links:


High Pass

Low Pass